Game and Nature Reserve

The Calipuy National Sanctuary is a Peruvian wildlife refuge created on January 8, 1981. The 4,500-hectare (11,000-acre) sanctuary, adjacent to the larger Calipuy National Reserve, is located in the Santiago de Chuco Province of the La Libertad region in northwestern Peru.

Puquio Santa Rosa Protection Forest was established on September 2, 1892, through Law (R.S.) N 0434-82-AG/DGFF. It is located in the department of La Libertad, province of Trujillo, district of Virú, with a surface of 72,50 hectares.

The Garden of Senses (Jardin de Los Sentidos), created in 1984 as a nursery, was redesigned five years ago for people with visual impairment. Its design is guided by the orientation of the sun. In addition, the flowers and plants found there have been chosen because they are the most aromatic.